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Snowy Commute Around New England



    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Lexington, Mass.) - For many it was a rough ride to and home from work Tuesday.

    "This is crazy," said one woman.

    "Run for your lives," joked a driver who gave his name as Paul.

     Perhaps people have finally lost it under the weight of snow and cold.

    Still they took to the roads - going to and from work in spite of what was going on outside their car windows.

    "I haven't missed a day of work ever," said mechanic Vernet Salvant, stopping on his drive from Newton back to Lowell.

    If there was ever a winter for him to miss a day, well, this might be it.

    Same old story - but this is only the left jab, if you will, of what promises to be a strong combination.

    This driver on 93 South in Windham, New Hampshire got perhaps the worst of round one.

    And as any fighter will tell you, the second punch typically hurts more.

    So as we creep into the round house right that is expected for most of our Wednesdays here in New England, MassDOT has run plum out of its $58 million snow removal budget - but they won't stop plowing the state's roads.   

    MassDOT Highway administrator Luisa Paiewonsky said road crews will be sent home to rest and for round 2 will be ready.

    She urged drivers to be aware of recommendations on whether to travel in the morning.

    The conventional wisdom for the Wednesday morning commute - if you don't have to drive don't, and if you are headed to work early in the morning like Vernet Salvant, easy does it on the roads.