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Snowy Weekends Impacting Maine Church-goers



    Snowy weekends impacting Maine church-goers

    Many church leaders are facing a tough decision of canceling or scaling back Sunday services because of snow (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Marnie MacLean) - This weekend will mark the third in a row for snow, and that has made it a challenge for New England church leaders
    trying to decide whether to cancel or scale back Sunday services.

    At St. Luke's Cathedral in Portland, Maine Reverend Ben Shambaugh says he won't cancel services because of snow but he does encourage elderly
    parishioners to stay home and be safe. He also says the weekend storms have certainly had an impact on attendance.   

    "I might make the sermon a little shorter," he says. "I might know we have fewer people to sing so we make adjustments."

    Trinity Episcopal Church in Portland is also making adjustments. Father Larry Weeks did cancel services at that church and another one he serves during the blizzard and expects he'll have to scale down this Sunday's service.

    According to Rev. Weeks, "if a storm is between four and five inches and it's snowing, we cancel Sunday school and the choir."

    The drop in attendance has lead to smaller collections, but Rev. Weeks says he considers that the cost of doing business in New England in the winter.