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Storm Damages Homes in Mass.



    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, East Bridgewater, Mass.) - It's still gusty out here tonight, but nothing like this afternoon, when strong winds knocked a huge tree down, damaging a building.

    "I was up at the top of the hill and I heard a crack so I looked over here and I just saw the tree fall," said 14 year old Samantha Elfbaum.

    And not just any tree, a towering 65 foot tall pine that was snapped in two, blown over by strong wind gusts in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

    Elfbaum was walking home from her bus stop near the Pomponoho Pines condominium complex.

    She ran inside to tell her mom.

    "I heard the crack and I didn't really know what had happened until she ran in the front door because she was frightened and said the tree came down. But it was extremely windy for probably about a good hour between like 230 and 330pm," Susan Elfbaum said.

    One glance and it looks like the tree went into the side of the building, but it was the force as it dragged down the lines, ripping them off these condominiums which created this huge hole and destroyed part of a fence.

    Winds were powerful about 3 o'clock in the afternoon - fortunately no one was hit by the falling tree - and no one was home at the time.

    "That's an attic up there with a little living space in between. A nice little configuration. Just (damage) to the outside," said Bill Mackey, property manager of Lorell Management Corp.

    The tree snapped about 8 feet up the trunk, it was later found to be rotted through.

    "(These are) very big trees, so you know, every storm we kind of wait to see if one's going to come down on us," Susan Elfbaum said.

    Power has been out for hours and should be restored some time tonight.

    The property manager estimates the damage at at least $10,000.