Storms Uproot Trees, Bring Down Power Lines Across Mass. - NECN

Storms Uproot Trees, Bring Down Power Lines Across Mass.



    (NECN: Tom Langford, Belmont, Mass.) - The power of Mother Nature is evident in many communities around New England. Strong storms moved through Sunday afternoon, uprooting trees and downing power lines.

    The damage is awe inspiring, and in some places just awful. On Beacon Hill in Boston, trees smashed cars, came down on sidewalks and streets, and took out shutters and light poles.

    "It's insane I didn't expect anything like that. I thought it was just going to rain a little bit."

    Melissa Schuler washed the storm blow through. She says, it lasted about eight minutes.

    "All of a sudden, the sky got dark and it looked like it was hailing."

    Joe Butera just got home from a trip out of town. He got out of the cab and saw his brand-new car looking like this.

    In some Boston suburbs, the damage was equally bad. The storm ripped the roof off his house in Revere.

    And in Belmont, winds brought down massive trees in a row of telephone poles.

    Julie Barton saw the storm come through. "It's dramatic and surprising we don't have a lot of dramatic weather. It's not the midwest so this is more dramatic than I would've expected on a Sunday afternoon."