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Sudden Snow Takes Many in Mass. by Surprise



    Sudden snow takes many in Mass. by surprise

    When snow fell Saturday, children in Needham, Mass. took opportunity to play outside while many adults gained sudden chores (Published Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014)

    (NECN: Brendan Monahan, Needham, Mass.) - Mother Nature's sudden winter blast created slick roads and unexpected Saturday afternoon chores in Massachusetts.

    "We had no idea it was going to snow, we thought it was going to rain all day long," said one man. "We got snow instead. I guess a few degrees makes a huge difference."

    According to MassDOT, about 1,5000 salters, sanders and plows had to hit the roads. Others, meanwhile, knew an opportunity when they saw one.

    "I was thinking that I would be outside for the whole day," said one boy.

    These tempting flakes were hard to resist for children who wanted to play outside.

    Temperatures hovered just under freezing from start to finish, making the snow good for snowman-making, sledding and snowball fights.