Robert DeLeo: 'Tom (Brady) oughta look elsewhere'

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February 8, 2012, 8:24 pm

(NECN: Jim Braude) - There's a cloud of rumor and speculation hanging over Beacon Hill Wednesday night.

Sources say former house speaker Sal DiMasi, serving time for a kickback scheme, is on the move and perhaps cutting a deal to testify in yet another corruption probe.
Minority leader Brad Jones told NECN it's on everyone's mind.

Given the DiMasi story, Jim Braude wasn't positive his guest would keep their date for an interview, but, to his credit, he didn't duck.

Braude was joined by Representative Robert DeLeo, democrat of Winthrop and speaker of the Massachusetts house.

A week ago, he said he wasn’t ruling out the Governor’s suggested tax increases on candy, soda and cigarettes. Wednesday, he said he was.
“I wanted to keep people in suspense,” DeLeo chuckled. “It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I felt again we just really are starting to see maybe a glimmer of light in terms of coming out of this recession and I just felt now is not the time to be talking about new taxes, new fees. Our business is moving in the right direction. Let’s continue to do so.”

Does this apply to Menino’s gas tax, as well?

“I think we’re a little bit premature for that,” DeLeo said. “I’m really anxiously awaiting to see what happens with the discussion on the fare increases plus the cut in services. I think at that point we’ll take a look at that. But I think that’s a little bit of time away and I think it’s going to require a little bit more time of study. I will tell you of all the taxes that have ever been discussed on Beacon Hill, that has been by far the most unpopular one to try to get done.”

How does DeLeo feel about Gisele’s comments about Tom Brady not being able to throw and catch the football? Does he agree?

“No I don’t. I have to say I am very displeased with that comment. Tom oughta look elsewhere, should we say at this point… I’m sure there are a couple out there.”

Watch DeLeo’s interview with Braude to hear more from the Massachusetts House Speaker.

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