Brown U. slavery exhibit heads to South Africa

November 21, 2013, 12:36 pm

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (AP) — A Brown University exhibition focusing on slave ship revolts is now on display in South Africa.

The university announced Thursday that the exhibit opens Dec. 3 at the Slave Lodge museum in Cape Town. The exhibit runs through February.

Called "Ships of Bondage and the Fight for Freedom," the exhibition details the stories of slaves who rose up against their captors on three slave ships. One of the ships, the Sally, sailed from Providence to West Africa to buy slaves in 1764. During the return voyage, more than half of the 200 slaves on board died from starvation, disease and a failed revolt.

Rhode Island merchants played a key role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, launching more than 1,000 voyages to buy and transport slaves from Africa to the Americas.

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