Staten Island residents feel ‘ignored’ in wake of Hurricane Sandy

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November 2, 2012, 4:51 pm

(NECN: Alysha Palumbo) - The desperation in New York and New Jersey is raw.
Four days after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast and still hundreds of thousands are without power, streets are still flooded, and homes are still unreachable.

The New York City borough of Staten Island has become desperate, and many residents are saying they feel ignored as the clean-up and recovery has yet to begin there.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the death toll in the city continues to rise -- at least 41 lives were lost -- and the rescue and recovery efforts continue.
Meanwhile, flooding remains a critical problem in areas like Hoboken, N.J., and frustration is growing as lines are long everywhere -- there are lines to get on buses, lines to charge phones, lines to get gas.
There is some hope, as fuel tankers are once again being allowed into New York Harbor, and more and more subways and buses are returning to service. Mayor Bloomberg says utility companies are working hard to get power restored throughout the city.

"Since [Thursday] at this time, the lights have come back on for about 70,000 more customers across the city,” Bloomberg said. “Currently … 460,000 customers are estimated to be without power. About half of them are in Manhattan. ComEd is starting to recover areas in Manhattan [Friday]. The hope is to have power restored to most of the borough by midnight." 

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