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Michelle Obama to Visit Boston Wednesday



    (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN: Jackie Bruno) - Michelle Obama is coming to Boston Wednesday.

    While she’s here, she will visit with some of the marathon bombing victims. This will be the second time she’s visited with some of the victims. If you remember, she and the president met with victims last month when he came to Boston to address the interfaith vigil.

    She’ll also be attending an Ed Markey fundraiser at the Taj Hotel. This comes after President Obama endorsed Markey Tuesday in an email.

    Obama wrote, “Ed Markey is a passionate and effective champion for middle class and working families and we need him in the Senate to keep moving our country forward.”

    Gabriel Gomez responded to that endorsement at a campaign stop Tuesday.

    “I applaud….working people of Massachusetts,” said Gomez

    Some people are making an issue out of the fact that President Obama sent an email with his endorsement of Markey. In 2010, President Obama came out in person to support Martha Coakley.

    Others say Michelle Obama is incredibly popular and offers the same level of support.