Man Leaves 500 Tips in Honor of Deceased Brother

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    Seth Collins has been traveling across the United States honoring his brother's last wishes and tipping waiters $500

    (NECN/NBC: Lindsey Seavert) - A man has been inspiring generosity in others just by following his brother's last wishes and leaving waiters an occasional tip of $500.

    Seth Collins has been on a cross-country trip in honor of his brother, Aaron. He said Aaron was always a big tipper, even using his allowance for gratuity when they were growing up.

    When Aaron passed away at age 30 one year ago, he left a wish in his will.

    "He asked for us to leave a $500 tip for a waiter or waitress and I did, posted it online, and people decided they wanted to see it happen again and again," Collins said.

    Donations poured in and soon Collins had $60,000 that would allow him to continue his good will.

    After making stops in Indianapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, and others, Collins was in St. Paul, Minnesota joined by a Minneapolis woman who took his acts of kindness to heart.

    The woman matched Collins tip of $500 at the Eagle Street Grill, leaving waiter Rob Griffith with an unexpected $1,000 in his pocket.

    "Thank you. I really appreciate that," Griffith said when they gave him the money. "I don't know what to say."

    The tip was the 58th Collins has given in the last year.

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