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Police Discover Explosives and Firearms in Framingham House



    (Published Tuesday, June 28, 2016)

    State police bomb squads lined up in a usually-quiet residential street in Framingham, after homemade explosives and large firearms were discovered at 109 Indian Head Road.

    Neighbor Frank Urbani knows the family who lives in the house - 40-year-old Andrew Josefek, with his wife and kids.

    "They have two beautiful children and a dog," said Urbani

    Police said they were led to Josefek's home after he allegedly tried to rob a victim in Marlborough, early Tuesday morning.

    They said Josefek was wearing all black when he went to the victim's home, with a firearm and knives, when he allegedly struck the person with his cell phone.

    Kelly Walker, 34, of Framingham allegedly drove his getaway car. Inside that car, police said they found seven more explosive devices, four of them live, and more firearms.

    Urbani added, "I know his past, his history and it's not good you know."

    According to Urbani, Josefek has been in trouble for things like shoplifting in the past.

    It is unclear what the relationship between Josefek and Walker is, but they looked at each other in court.

    It is also unclear why they had homemade explosives or what their intent was.

    Both are now facing a slew of charges including drug, firearms and explosive device charges.

    Neighbors say it is frightening to know what was found in the house, especially with young children inside.

    Another neighbor, Debbie Maloney, said, "You never know what goes on behind closed doors I guess."

    Both suspects are behind bars as of tonight.