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Viewers React to Pope's Decision to Absolve Women of 'Grave Sin' of Abortion

The pope has given Catholic priests the power to absolve women of the sin



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    Following the Pope's decision to allow all priests to permanently absolve the sin of abortion, viewers took to social media to offer their opinions.

    Some viewers, such as Aeva Wheet, were angry that the Pope was still making decisions about a woman's right to choose.

    She posted on the necn Facebook page,"Why do women need HIS or anyones forgiveness for making one of the toughest decisions of their lives?"

    Stephen Mearls agreed and said, "how about its none of their business."

    "Unmarried men have no business telling women what to do with their bodies" posted Chad Lamoureuax.

    "About time" Shirley Erosa added.

    Other viewers were angry with the Pope because the Roman Cahtolic Church believes abortion is a serious sin.

    Kevin Allen posted, "Regardless of the Pope, it has always and will continue to be the murder of a life and a grave sin!"

    "One again the Catholics are out of touch..." posted Mike Corda.

    Kevin Allen added, "There's always a better, non-selfish's called adoption. There are many great American couples who want, would to have, but unfortunately cannot give birth to children and would make terrific, loving parents!"

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