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How to Video Conference Like a Pro

Maria Sansone shares her secrets to a successful video conference. Whether it's for a work meeting or happy hour with your friends, you want to look great, right?

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First, know your area! Find a quiet space with a simple background, strong WiFi connection and away from family and distractions.

Next, pants are a good idea. We're all for "business on top, party on the bottom," but the party should at least be leggings or sweatpants!

Third, do a quick mirror check before logging in. You don't want the smoothie 'stache from breakfast or a coffee stain on your shirt.

Lighting is key. Invest in a ring light from amazon or situate yourself with a good light source behind the computer so you're not sitting in the dark.

Finally, if you're using Zoom, use the filter. In settings, click on "video" and you can check a box to enhance the image.

Video chats and conferences are the new norm for many of us, so let's make it look good.

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