PetSmart Looking For 2 Lucky Pets as ‘Chief Toy Testers', and It Pays $10,000. Here's How to Apply

PetSmart is looking for one dog and one cat to be "Chief Toy Testers" for a year, testing out the newest toys and treats while appearing as a VIP at PetSmart events

While pet owners everywhere are likely often frustrated thanks to the sight of newly-purchased toys destroyed within minutes, two lucky pets will be tasked with the job of "Chief Toy Tester" by PetSmart.

According to PetSmart, the ideal Chief Toy Tester will be expected to have vast experience in play, an advanced palate for a wide array of treats and a desire to try out as many toys as possible.

The best part? The lucky dog and cat chosen will take home $10,000 in compensation, along with quarterly salon treatments, toy and treat deliveries and celebrity status as a VIP at PetSmart events.

The dog and cat hired for the role will be a part of numerous product unboxings and company events throughout the one-year tenure of the role.

The Chief Toy Testers are set to ensure that all new toys and treats are thoroughly evaluated, while also managing their pet parents who are expected to post the findings on social media.

According to the retail chain, the ideal pets chosen will have a unique nose for the best toys and treats, while directing their pet parents to create compelling social media footage and be able to commit to a one-year partnership with PetSmart.

Those interested in the role can apply here on their pet's behalf, and will have until Feb. 17 to submit their application. Applicants are required to submit a 10 to 30-second video of their cat or dog showcasing their personality, with parents encouraged to be creative on the when the best time to record their pet is.

Applicants are also asked to submit a still photo of their pet, along with an official review of their pet's favorite toy.

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