Dump the To-Do List For a ‘You List'

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When you finally get fifteen minutes to slow down, are you often too spent to figure out what to do with your precious down time?

To make sure you don't waste it, best-selling author and award-winning journalist Rachel Bertsche drops by Mom2Mom and tells us how a YOU list can be a lifesaver.

The author of The Kids Are In Bed says we all live by to-do lists, especially if you have young kids, so why not make a list of the things we like to do, the things that fulfill us?

She says it doesn't have to be extravagant like a massage or a shopping spree. She likes to read a book, for example.

The key, she says, is to list manageable things you can fit into pockets of time. Of course, you can list indulgences for those extra special treats, too.

Just remember every day breaks. They are the ones that will sustain us through the chaotic race called life.

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