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Take These 3 Areas of Your Home From Cluttered to ‘Keep Clean'


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Keeping clean and organized is everyone's focus right now since we're all working, eating, playing, being entertained and sleeping in the same space.

Jennifer Cosco is the founder of MomRemedy, an everyday line of cleaning products that are eco-friendly. She's got simple tips for cleaning up and cutting the clutter in three of the messiest areas of your home.

  1. Kids' Spaces

With many kids learning at least partly from home these days, how do you keep a "work" space nice and tidy?

"My tip to keep remote learning spaces clean is to have a space for everything. It's so much easier at the end of the day to put all of your supplies into one spot. I love bamboo boxes; they go well with any décor and fit all types of school supplies," says Cosco.

It's good to get kids involved in putting all supplies away and taking pride in a clean space ready for them to start the next day the clean way.

It goes for toddlers, too. Cosco says, "Sometimes they can get overwhelmed because they don't know how. Give them a basket, show them how to put them in. Help them, they’ll love to join in. For the extra dirty toys, they can help you load the dishwasher and run them through a cycle."

2. Laundry

Kids are hanging out a lot more these days. That means laundry. A lot of laundry.

"The biggest tip I have for laundry is treating stains immediately. As a working mom, I know that if I don’t do it right away I won’t do it at all. You just spray the stain, throw it into the basket and it’s pre-treated when it goes into the wash," says Cosco.

She also says to keep it convenient she keeps stain remover all around the house because you never know what types of messes kids are going to get into.

3. The Kitchen

The kitchen is the undisputed command center for most families. That results in lots of meals -- and lots of dirty hands.

The key to a fresh and clean kitchen? It's all in the prep.

"When I get home from the grocery store I chop and dice the fresh fruits and veggies and other healthy snacks and put them in reusable containers for easy access. I find that when I do this the fresh foods actually get eaten," says Cosco.

And when it comes to cleaning, she says, "Clear your kitchen of all clutter and debris and put everything in its place. Then, take the time to wipe down your counters and sink. It’s not always necessary to use a disinfectant; an all-purpose cleaner will be just as effective in cleaning everyday messes."

These tips will allow you more time to stay focused when you need to and, more importantly, enjoy your home. Clutter is so 2020.

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