Why You Should Let Your Kids Fail to Succeed

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You can’t always win. Just ask Olympic gold medalist and soccer icon, Christie Pearce Rampone. She knows a thing or two about winning and losing. In fact, she wrote the book on it, well, co-wrote it.

'Be All In: Raising Kids For Success in Sports And Life' is just out and is chock-full of tips to help moms and dads be better sports parents.

Rampone co-wrote the book with sports neuropsychologist, Dr. Kristine Keane. They stopped by for a chat with Mom2Mom's Maria Sansone.

“Early on, you’ve got to let them fail,” says Dr. Keane. ”That’s what sports are fertile ground for.”

She says many times today’s parents want to jump in and mow down the problem. But that is the essence of sports, to teach kids to think for themselves.

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Coaches want to hear from the kids, she says. If there is a problem, let your child approach the coach and attempt to problem-solve on their own instead of stepping in.

The most important part can be the failure; you won’t win from just the wins and the trophies. “You don’t get anywhere in life, you don’t succeed, without having that history of falling down,” according to Dr. Keane.

Sports can show parents how to frame situations in such a way that they can help their kids learn how to get back up without fixing the problem before children have a chance to figure it out.

For more on the book and tips from Christie Pearce Rampone, check out the full episode of Mom2Mom here.

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