2 Bystanders Shot After Altercation

Authorities say injuries are not life-threatening after incident near Revere Beach in Mass.

Along Revere Beach, a nice summer's day brings a lot of traffic on the water and the food stands and bars.

But in the early morning hours Saturday, there was gunfire.

"Certain parts of the beach have certain troubles, obviously," said Alex Bilodeau, who works nearby. "You really wouldn't expect it on the beach, but like I said, anything can happen any time."

It happened along the sidewalk in front of Bianchi's Pizza. It was closed at the time, but right next door is the Boulevard Bar.

Neighbors tell NECN they heard two gun shots - one went outside to see the commotion. That's when they say they learned from police a man and a wan were shot - one in the foot one in the leg they say.

Police confirm the non-life-threatening injuries to the victims we've learned we're not in the altercation that lead to shooting.

"It's definitely not good for the beach, it's not good for Revere, it's not good for the community," said Bilodeau.

Now, police want the community's help in finding whomever is responsible.

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