Airlines Reporting Fewer Travel Delays

(NECN) - More air travelers are getting to their destinations on time.

The Transportation Department says U.S. airlines reported an on-time rate of nearly 81.7% in August, better than the month before and a year ago.

Officials also say fewer passengers are having to sit through long tarmac delays. The government is crediting new rules against those  delays that took effect in April.

Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska airlines had the most on-time flights, with Continental coming in at third.

Comair (operating regional flights for Delta Airlines) had the worst on-time rate, followed by JetBlue and Delta.

However, the number of complaints from passengers went up. The number of complaints filed in August went up to 1,012 from a year ago at 768. The complaints ranged from delays, cancellations, ticketing, baggage, and customer service issues.

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