How to: Gift Wrap

(NECN) – Prepare to feel some gift wrap envy!

Amy Kimball from Amy Kimball Events is here, and she’s making Bridget Blythe feel bad about the wrapping she did over the weekend.

If you haven’t wrapped your gifts yet, here is your chance to really make them look nice.

You can do silver wrapping with a red bow.

If you want to go with one color of wrapping paper, there’s three different ways to do a bow. You can do a traditional big bow. You can pop tons of sticky bows on. Or you can weave ribbons together.

Another option is to do mix and match patterns. You can spice up gifts you’ve already wrapped already by going back and adding another pattern. By layering it like a ribbon, you can mix and match tons of colors. You can also add a fun bow to really make it look kind of funky.

Spend a little extra time cutting the sides to make them perfect. You can cheat by folding extra under and use double sided tape.

Craft paper is another trend, giving gifts a real natural look. You can do hand stamps, add twine, bells and greens. You can get craft wrapping paper pretty much anywhere you can get regular wrapping paper.

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