Mass. Wedding Videographer Under Investigation

(NECN: Jennifer Eagan) - The Mass. Attorney General is investigating a wedding videographer from Central Massachusetts.

Dozens of couples claim wedding videographer Jesse Clark has taken their money, then never delivered on the video.

Clark did not respond to NECN’s requests for comment on this story, but he did post an explanation online in which he insists he’s not a scam artist.

Bride Lindsey Dobbins said she has still photos of the day she married her high school sweetheart last August, but Dobbins says she waited five months for the video she paid videographer Jesse Clark $800 for.

"We wanted that special moment on video. It meant a lot to us, now we won't get it back," said Dobbins.

After posting a negative review on a wedding website in January she heard from Clark.

"I got an email saying he had found my wedding footage and he'd be happy give it to me, if I took down my negative reviews, then I got the letter from his wife three days later saying that my wedding was one of the ones lost," said Dobbins.

A letter from Clark’s Millbury, Mass. company, SureShot, claims some videos were lost after a power surge caused by Hurricane Irene back in August.

Dobbins is not the only bride who says she has paid Clark, only to never receive a video.

Boston Attorney Nicholas Frye is going over complaints from 32 couples, all of whom claim Clark took their money and produced a subpar video or no video at all. Frye says that couples are out hundreds of dollars, and the lost money adds up to more than $30,000.

“I think a lot of what my clients is looking for is some type of closure, to know that someone wasn't able to do this and do this to so many people and get away with it,” said Frye.

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office has received more than 60 complaints against SureShot and is now investigating.

“We think the number is large enough for us to take a look at this individual and this business,” said Attorney General Martha Coakley.

Clark, who lives in Sturbridge, Mass. has dodged questions from reporters. In Early June, he knocked over an NBC photographer from Connecticut as he sprinted out of the Millbury Police Department. He shut down his Millbury storefront a month ago.

Clark posted his own response to the criticism in an online video, giving several excuses for lost or delayed footage. Among them were editors overloaded with work.

"If we weren't backed up, we had incompetent editors working for us," Clark said online.

He also said a videographer working for him passed away.

"I had 13 or 14 weddings and we had to go through his estate to get the raw footage," he said online.

Clark says he’s not a scam artist several times, and that he never promised anyone a time frame for their video.

"None of our contracts state a time frame for us to release our product," said Clark.

However, Lindsey Dobbins’ contract promises a video within six to eight weeks, so long as there is not a major delay in SureShot’s editing schedule.

Dobbins says she just wants her video, or her money back.

Clark Claims he is booked for weddings into 2013. Dobbins hopes Clark’s business is stopped before then.

"I'm horrified for those brides, horrified, I can't imagine someone going through what I did," said Dobbins.

In his online video, Clark says he made half a million dollars between 2011 and 2012 operating SureShot. He says he is booking more and more weddings every weekend.

The Better Business Bureau warns consumers about this company, stating that SureShot is not accredited because of a large number of unanswered complaints.

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