Several Boxes of Evidence Seized From RI House Speaker's Office

(NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Providence, RI) - It was a dramatic scene at the Rhode Island State House Friday as officials with the FBI and IRS Criminal Investigation Division carried out several boxes from House Speaker Gordon Fox's office.

Right before that, two RI State Troopers guarded the door to his office for hours, as investigators scoured the office.

"All I know is that the State Police came in, there was some other law enforcement officials and they asked us all to leave," said House Spokesman Larry Berman.

The US Attorneys Office confirmed the raid was part of two Federal search warrants executed.

The other was at the House Speaker's Providence home, on the East Side.

That's where FBI agents carried out more boxes.

Fox's car, with his House #4 plate, sat in the driveway.

At one point, Speaker Fox was dropped off from another vehicle.

He quickly ran in the front door and said nothing.

Berman didn't offer specifics when he was asked why the raid was happening or what investigators were removing, saying, "The speaker I would assume does, but I don't."

Fox has been a lawmaker in RI for more than two decades. He's been Speaker of the House in RI since 2010.

He's also the country's first openly gay House Speaker, and has a private law practice.

When the House Spokesman was asked if Fox had intentions of resigning immediately because of Friday's raid, he said, "I'm not aware of any plans."

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