TWIB: Top Business Stories of 2010

(This Week In Business) - Our 2010 business story countdown continues. The big story this year? Unemployment topped 9% for 19 straight months, the longest stretch on record.

The nation's financial rules got their biggest overhaul since the depression with the Dodd-Frank bill. The stock market got back up past the 11,000 mark, and Wellesley's own Brian Moynihan became CEO of the biggest bank in the U.S., Bank of America.

Members of our Boston Business Editors roundtable talk about the top business story of the year and some other key stories they covered in 2010. Joining us to talk about their news was Frank Quaratiello, business editor of the Boston Herald, Steve Syre, who writes his Boston Capitol column at the Boston Globe, and George Donnelly, editor of the Boston Business Journal.

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