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Bear Sightings in Danvers and West Peabody

Michael Scarlata

Police in Danvers, Massachusetts, issued a warning about bears on Sunday after there were several sightings in the town, as well as nearby West Peabody.

In Danvers, police said several people had spotted a bear in the Centre Street area.

"We are asking residents to temporarily remove bird feeders and secure your trash until the bear moves along," Danvers police said in a community alert. "If seen, do not try to approach, go inside your home and contact the police."

Danvers wasn't the only area that saw a visit from the animals this weekend. A bear was also spotted in Peabody, where Elaine Bain shared a video to Facebook, writing, "So this little guy decided to cross the street in front of me. Be careful Peabody Peeps. He is in the vicinity of Corbeil Park and the bike path!"

In West Peabody, Michael Scarlata snapped a picture of a bear he saw at the corner of Roosevelt and Russell streets.

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