Massive March Storm to Bring More Snow to Maine

Portland’s spokesperson says the city is already $38,000 over its winter storm budget

Following a record-breaking February, Maine is about to get more snow in a massive March storm.

Much of the state is expected to receive at least a foot of snow Tuesday into Wednesday.

“This will be our 12th plowing storm this year. We budget for eight,” said Steve Earley, director of Portland’s Public Services department. “It’s been a busy winter, for sure.”

According to Portland’s spokesperson, Jessica Grondin, the city is already $38,000 over its winter storm budget.

“I don’t think we need this storm, but we’re going to get it,” said Myrna Hart, who was buying supplies at a hardware store in South Portland on Monday.

“I was excited for it to be spring time, but today, I’m here buying bio bricks in case we lose power,” said Katie Charette.

While Maine ski resorts are rejoicing another bout of winter weather, school districts are scrambling. There have already been so many snow days, that some districts are planning to still be holding class into late June.

Other districts have started to add one hour to each school day, to make up for all the canceled classes.

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