Video Appears To Show Trooper Using Pepper Spray on Protester

24-year-old Kin Moy posted a YouTube video that he says shows him getting sprayed in the face by a state trooper

Massachusetts State Police have launched an internal investigation into the apparent use of pepper spray by a trooper on a protester in Boston.

Kin Moy, 24, posted a video on YouTube Thursday after he says it shows him getting sprayed in the face by a trooper.

In the video a trooper is seen confronting Moy, shaking a can of something and then spraying it at Moy. Moy then briefly turned the camera on his face, revealing an orange substance he says is petter spray.

Moy said was one of the protesters Thursday night protesting the New York City chokehold decision.

He said that pepper spray feels like the bitter cold on your face and is "extremely painful."

He added, "It could very well be an example of, you know, police using more force that exceeds what's necessary considering that I wasn't resisting arrest or assaulting anyone."

Police say they are working to determine whether the trooper in question violated the department's policy.

"The department's investigation will be thorough and unbiased," said state police spokesperson Dave Procopio in a statement. "We are in the process of trying to contact the person who posted the video, whom we also believe is the person who was sprayed."

Moy said that his friends brough him to a nearby diner to wash his face off and that he felt better afterwards.

He also said he made contact with the ACLU, which has confirmed it is investigating the incident, and will be meeting with one of the organization's attorneys on Wednesday.

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