Despite Order, DraftKings Continues Operations in Nevada

Regulators say fantasy sports site DraftKings defied an order to stop operations in Nevada after accepting entries into contacts over the weekend, according to the Boston Globe.

DraftKings was ordered by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to cease operations until they obtained gambling licenses, after the board ruled that the website's activities should be considered gambling

The company responded that they allowed players who were already entered in games to finish the full experience over the weekend.

They added that they disagreed with the decision, but also have prevented Nevada residents from making new accounts.

DraftKings and FanDuel – whose financial backers include necn's parent company, Comcast, and sister network, NBC Sports - insist they're games of skill, not luck, with players' winnings depending on how well they can predict which roster of players from multiple baseball, football, basketball or hockey teams will perform best on a given day. They assert they are exempt from a 2006 federal Internet gambling ban.

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