Stroller Wars in South End Lead to Vandalism, Debate, Residents Say

Some strollers have been pushed off the sidewalks and into gardens because of the space they take, but parents say leaving them outside makes their lives easier

A dispute over strollers in Boston's South End is reportedly leading to vandalism and debate on social media. 

On one side of the uproar are parents who park their strollers outside thier homes — which they say helps in a neighborhood filled with multi-level buildings.  

On the other, residents see the strollers as taking up valuable sidewalk space.

According to a post on the South End Community Board’s Facebook group page, some people have knocked strollers over fences and into gardens. One user posted a photo of a stroller that appears to have been pushed into a bush.

In the post, the Facebook user asks others to "consider a note to the person who owns the stroller" instead of pushing them aside.

For parents like Jody Dinan, having a stroller makes life a little easier for she and her 15-month-old daughter.

"I'm in and out of my house every day and I do have a flight of stairs that I have to use, so carrying the baby in one arm and the stroller in the other isn’t feasible," she said.

Cristina De La Cierva, a member of the Union Parks Neighborhood Association, tells NBC10 Boston the association had recently discussed creating a rule that bars residents from parking a stroller in the middle of the sidewalk.

A decision on that rule has not yet been made, but as a mother of two, De La Cierva can sympathize with those who leave their strollers locked outside.

"I'm a mom and we have a giant stroller right there and we have two kids and we live on the 5th floor with a bunch of stairs," she said. "I'm all in favor for being able to leave my stroller there and get up and down as easy as possible."

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