Mass. State Police Cruiser Recovered Following Theft

Police say cruiser was taken from a maintenance facility

Massachusetts State Police said a cruiser stolen Monday morning from a Department of Transportation maintenance facility in South Boston, has been recovered.

Police said the marked sport utility vehicle was in the lot for engine problems and was one of the spare cruisers from Troop E, which patrols the Mass Turnpike, among other areas.

Area residents said they were surprised by the theft.

"Yeah that is crazy, I came by here the other day and there was just nobody," said one area resident.

When authorities discovered it was missing, the cruiser's radio system was deactivated.

Police said the vehicle was found abandoned at Twin City Plaza on Medford Street in Somerville at about 12:45 p.m.

"I mean yeah that's a little nerve wrecking, that it would be stolen that easily, but where has it been," asked Somerville Resident, Matt Hurley. "Probably someone out joy riding with it, or something."

Authorities are still investigating exactly how the vehicle was taken but said there was no visible damage. They also said no firearms or weapons were in the cruiser when it went to the maintenance facility in late July.

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