Mayor, Community Discuss Boston 2024

Members of the community attended a packed meeting about Boston's bid for the 2024 Olympics on Thursday, the first of nine meetings of its kind where the public is getting a chance to weigh in and ask questions.

"If people in the public feel that this is something we shouldn't pursue as a city, it's something I certainly wouldn't pursue as a city," said Mayor Marty Walsh.

Many in attendance were against the proposal, asking questions about cost over runs, lack of transparency in the process and who would benefit from jobs the construction and planing could generate.

"I love the Olympics and I love the city of Boston, but not together," said one man. "Essentially, what I'd like to know is what will it take to stop this?"

"It's completely anti-democratic that the USOC would eliminate other U.S. cities before finding out how the public feels in the one they picked compared to how the public feels in those other cities," said another.

Others came to voice their support and say they are looking forward to seeing the games in the Commonwealth.

"We did the Big Dig," said another attendee. "We construct all the new roads and everything, and the city is even better now."

Meanwhile, the mayor and others on the committee are stressing that this is in the proof of concept phase, meaning everything is subject to change and everyone is welcome to participate in the process.

The mayor says it's Bostons long term future that they have in mind.

"This is a conversation about what the Olympics could bring to the city of Boston, and the opportunity to have that conversation," said Walsh.

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