This Cape Cod Beach Was Named Among the Top 10 Best in U.S.

Coast Guard Beach was the only New England destination that made it on the top 10 list

If you want an ideal beach bay, New England residents don’t have to go too far to make that dream come true. One Cape Cod beach was featured among the top 10 best beaches in the U.S. for this year.

Dr. Beach, Florida International University professor Stephen Leatherman, has released his annual list for the best spots around the country for a beach day and only one New England destination was featured among other coastal spots.

Coast Guard Beach, which rests in Eastham, was named the sixth best beach in the U.S. for 2019. Dr. Beach said this Massachusetts spot allows for a "spectacular view" of the Nauset Spit barrier system.

This beach is considered a prime swimming spot during the summer. It’s such a popular area that parking at the destination is closed during the season to all visitors, except those who are disabled. Instead, shuttle buses are deployed from the Little Creek parking area.

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