Vigil Held for Victims of Fatal Pizza Shop Crash

The Middlesex County District Attorney says two people died when the SUV hit the Sweet Tomatoes Pizza restaurant

In a crowded park in Newton, Massachusetts, the lives of two customers killed when a car crashed into a pizza shop were honored at a candlelight vigil.

Eleanor Miele, 57, and 32-year-old Gregory Morin were killed Tuesday evening when the vehicle slammed through the Sweet Tomatoes pizza shop in Newton.

"The randomness of this awful tragedy makes us all feel insecure," said Mayor Setti Warren.

Resident Chris Brown came out with his wife and children.

"We just feel very connected to it, so we wanted to come out and be a part of what's happening here and let everyone know we're in this together," he said.

Many of those who came out remember Miele, and when she worked for the library in Newton back in the 80s.

"She always had a smile on her face," according to one former friend.

Morin was a lawyer in Boston and is remembered by his colleagues as a "proud and doting dad," who recently bought a new home in Newton with his wife who's also an attorney.

"He was a devoted father and husband, and it was always clear that above all, that was who he was working for, and the reason he sought to be excellent in his work," his colleagues at Latham and Watkins said in a statement.

Seven other were seriously injured in the crash, including 24-year-old Casey Vaughn of Marshfield, an employee at the restaurant.

Her father Jeff Vaughan says Casey has a broken leg, second and third degree burns and a large wound to her head.

"She initially thought one of the pizza ovens exploded," Vaughan said. "I do believe she was knocked out unconscious. The pizza oven actually is what fell on top of her. One of her co-workers had at the last second pulled her away, thankfully, otherwise she probably would have been crushed."

Vaughan said his daughter had surgery Wednesday and remains in intensive care at Beth Israel.

Now, investigators continue to piece together why 55-year-old Brad Cassler of Newton may have driven into the restaurant.

No charges have been filed against him, but his license has been revoked.

Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan was at the vigil and gave an update on the investigation.

"We are awaiting the results of the professionals doing the reconstruction work who will then give us that information.

The mayor also read a brief statement from Sweet Tomatoes:

"We are so devastated by the tragic event that took the lives of two of our patrons, Eleanor Miele and Gregory Morin. We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to the first responders and all who have reached out in concern. The victims and their families will forever be in our thoughts and prayers as we continue to grieve with our community."

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