Woman Charged With OUI for Crash Into House

Police say 33-year-old Jennifer Rodriguez was under the influence of alcohol when she crashed into a house in Worcester, Massachusetts, injuring a 72-year-old man when her car landed over his bed.

A woman has been charged with OUI after police say she crashed into a house and her SUV came to rest over a man's bed in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Terry Brouillette, the 73-year-old resident, who was in bed at the time, is lucky to be alive.

"That was a little earlier than I was expected to get up," he laughed. "That was a lot earlier, actually, when you think about it."

Brouillette went to bed Wednesday night expecting to get up around 4:30 in the morning, but he received an early alarm.

"All of the sudden, I hear 'BANG,'" he said. "I didn't know what it was. It sounded like somebody sideswiped the house or something."

He didn't realize it, but Brouillette was about to see a new addition to his $8,000 dollar racecar collection.

"I turn on the light and the car was all the way, hanging over here at an angle like this," he said. "I could have done an oil change while it was there!"

Remarkably, Brouillette only received minor injuries to the head. The vehicle went through the wall and practically outside the window of an adjacent wall.

Thirty-three-year-old Jennifer Rodriguez of Worcester was arrested after the crash. Police say she was driving drunk, gave them a false name and did not have a valid license.

Three other people were in the vehicle. No one was injured.

Rodriguez was released on $1,500 cash bail and is due back in court Jan. 8.

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