PD: Man Makes Threats for Money, Flees, Crashes Into Cars

Police say Cameron Meehan fled the scene in his vehicle, ran red lights and crashed into cars, curbs and signs

Police in Concord, New Hampshire, have arrested a man they say threatened to shoot people who wouldn’t give him money and ran red lights and rammed vehicles in an attempt to escape.

Cameron Meehan, 21, of Sunapee, is facing charges of driving while intoxicated, resisting arrest, conduct after an accident and disobeying an officer.

Police responded to the Walmart at 344 Loudon Road Friday evening and learned of two different sets of victims.

In one set, two men told store employees a male suspect threatened to shoot them as they were leaving the store if they didn’t give him $60. Another person intervened and told him to leave.

The second set of victims, a woman and her teenage son, told police a male suspect approached them by their car and threatened to harm them if they didn’t give him $60.

As they got in their vehicle, Meehan allegedly banged on their windows with his fist. They drove to their home and contacted police.

Police say Meehan fled the scene in his vehicle, ran red lights and crashed into cars, curbs and signs.

Another witness told police he tried to block Meehan in with his vehicle and that Meehan rammed the vehicle multiple times to get away.

Police say they caught up to Meehan after he crashed in the area of South Street. They say Meehan would not cooperate and flailed to get away.

They say they also noticed alcohol on his breath. Police ultimately used a Taser on Meehan and got him in handcuffs.

Meehan was scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning.

Police still wish to speak with the men who report the incident to store employees. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact police at 603-225-8600.

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