4th of July

Stay-at-Home 4th of July Guide


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This 4th of July many of us are staying at home given the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. BostonMoms.com CEO Meghan Block says we can all use this time as an opportunity to pump up the patriotism and make new family and neighborhood traditions. We caught up with Block for her 4th of July Stay-at-Home Guide.


If you want to decorate the day in red, white and blue let the kids get busy.

A star thumbprint is a simple hang-up decoration. You simply tape a star cutout onto a blank piece of paper and allow your kids to outline the star with their thumbprint in patriotic paint colors. When finished, remove the star and you will have a piece of art made by your kids.

Or straw fireworks are a fun craft for the family. Make firework shapes out of straws and then dip the design into paint and stamp onto paper to create a firework painting.

Slime anyone? Even for those parents who aren't normally into getting slime-y, the 4th of July may be the perfect time to make some homemade goo and turn it red, white, and blue. Get the simple recipe in the video above.

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When it comes to kids, the key is to keep them occupied. Block says a watermelon-eating contest is an easy way to let the kids dig in and have fun. Plus, she says, "What kid doesn't love getting messy on purpose?"

An obstacle course is also a good bet because it lets kids expend energy and you can tweak the course according to the ages of those involved.

And if you really want to see your kids light up, turn them into glow stick figures. As you can see in the video above, once you tape the sticks onto the young ones in the form of a stick figure, the kids can go wild at night dancing around in the dark while they light up the night sky.


If you're feeling a little isolated, 'make' fireworks and put them in your window. Get your neighbors to do the same and then kids can go out, while following social distancing protocols, and hunt for fireworks in their neighbors' windows. You can print the fireworks at BostonMoms.

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