Alleged Sex Assault Victim Testifies Against Ex-Vt. State Senator

The alleged victim in a series of sexual assaults took the stand Thursday in the trial of a former Vermont lawmaker. 

The woman described encounters with Norm McAllister, an ex-state senator, over the course of a few years. She told a jury in St. Albans the sexual contact was all unwanted. 

"I didn't want that type of relationship," the woman testified. 

It is the policy of necn to not identify people who say they are survivors of sexual violence, unless they grant permission. 

"I said, 'Ow, ow, it hurts," the woman testified, describing one act she says McAllister made her participate in. "And he kept going, and he said, 'shhhh,' and then he said, 'good girl.'" 

Prosecutors said the ex-lawmaker forced his cash-strapped tenant into sex in exchange for rent and employment on his farm, and that she agreed only because she feared losing her housing and how that might affect her child custody. 

The woman testified that McAllister made her have sex with a stranger who was his friend, and also suggested she have sex with area farmhands from Mexico to make money. 

The woman said on the witness stand that she did not have sex with the migrant farmworkers. 

McAllister served Franklin County in the Vermont Senate as a Republican, until his January 2016 suspension from the legislature after the allegations surfaced. 

He then lost a re-election bid. 

McAllister's defense team has argued the sexual relationship was consensual, claiming the woman changed her story once others learned about it, including an ex who was prone to anger and abuse. 

"Mr. McAllister asked you to do that, and you said yes," defense attorney Bob Katims said on cross-examination of the witness. 

"If I said the word or I did the action, I accepted and did it," the woman responded. 

"So by words or actions, you said yes," Katims said, to which the woman answered "yes." 

Trial is scheduled to continue Friday. 

There were two other women who accused the former state senator of sex crimes, but those charges were dismissed. 

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