Winter's Last Hurrah?

Most cold winter days, it's the wind that makes the cold so numbing. But today, the wind mostly behaved itself: it was just flat-out cold. Highs only managed the upper 20s and low 30s - barely cracking freezing in many spots. Ponds are skimming back over, backyard ice rinks are in play...and a nor'easter is brewing offshore late tonight.

Has winter made a comeback?

For now. But the death knell is sounding in the distance as evidenced by the extended forecast.

Storm At Sea

All eyes turn to this nor'easter tomorrow. It's big and it's tricky. Although the center is a couple hundred miles south, it still is capable of putting down a couple of inches of snow - mostly on the Cape and Islands.


First flakes may fly in the mid-morning in Eastern Mass. It's not really the storm, either. It's more ocean-effect snow off Massachusetts Bay. And we've seen it many times before: weak and intermittent snow showers that don't amount to much. This in fact will be our best chance at accumulation in Greater Boston. South of Marshfield and Plymouth, it will meld with the advancing shield of snow from the storm in the afternoon and evening. We'll see both wrap up late in the evening as the storm pulls away.

Wind is the Word

Like all nor'easters, the wind will be an issue. Especially on Cape Cod and the Islands. Oddly, the strongest winds will be tomorrow night and into early Saturday morning as the storm continues to track toward Nova Scotia. Gusts could reach 40-50 mph at times in this time frame, building seas and crashing waves at the waterfront. It's for that reason we may see some minor splashover at high tide on Saturday morning.

Never Let Go (Rose)

Warm winds will blow along the Eastern Seaboard next week ahead of a major shift in the pattern over North America. We're not letting go of the idea of a major warmup, one that may send the 70s our way on Wednesday. Before you gasp, think back to the 60 degree days we saw this winter. And the record-tying 64 we saw this week in Boston. 70 ain't that much of a leap from 64, and all it will take is a nice sunny day and a warm airmass.

It's a fact, Jack. So get the shorts and T-shirts ready...after this weekend, of course.

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