DA: Woman's Body Found Burned, Tied Up Near Railroad Tracks

Investigators believe the body was burned near the tracks, but the victim was likely killed at another location.

A woman's body was found late Tuesday night, burned and bound near railroad tracks in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Police have no idea who the victim is and who may be responsible for the crime.

The victim's body was discovered along the commuter line, her hands and feet tied up.

"It's very disturbing to have a dead body dumped next to the house you grew up in," said Ethan Ellis. "We're not used to this type of violence in our neighborhood."

Ellis says a family member noticed something suspicious near the train tracks just before midnight and called 911.

"Someone pulled down, did a U-turn, came up, backed down the tracks," he said.

When officers arrived, they found something on fire about 100 feet down the tracks from the Oak Street crossing, and they quickly determined it was a woman's body.

"This is obviously very concerning for this community," said Bridgewater Police Chief Christopher DelMonte.

Police have not yet identified the woman, but they believe she was killed elsewhere, brought to the tracks and set on fire there.

"I think to myself they probably dumped her there because the bridge is closed off and maybe they figured nobody would see it," said neighbor Sheila King. "It's very sad. Very, very sad. Somebody's daughter - could be somebody’s mother."

Investigators need help from the community to identify the victim and the perpetrators. Anyone who saw anything suspicious near the tracks is asked to call police.

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