Clinton Man Charged with Attacking Girl in her Middletown Home: Police

Middletown Police Department

A Clinton man is accused of strangling and trying to sexually assault a girl after coming into her Middletown home uninvited, according to police.

Jean-Baptiste Berthony, 24, faces various charges including attempt to commit sexual assault, strangulation, home invasion, and kidnapping, among others.

Middletown police said that on Friday evening a resident reported a girl was at the door with a bloody nose claiming someone had assaulted her. According to the arraignment report, Officers responded and spoke to the “hysterical” victim, who told police a man entered her home through the front door and asked for a woman by name. The victim said that when she told the man that woman did not live there and asked him to leave, he attacked her.

The victim reported that she was knocked to the ground and the man hit her multiple times, then placed his hands around her neck. She also told police the man tried to take off her pants before she escaped and went for help, according to the arraignment report.

Police found Berthony, who matched the victim’s description of her attacker, two streets away. The victim positively identified Berthony and he was arrested, police said.

The victim was taken to Middlesex Hospital for evaluation.

Berthony was held on a $500,000 bond and is expected in Middlesex Superior Court on Jan. 9. 

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