How to Help France After Terrorist Attacks

Organizations are providing ways to help people affected by the multiple terrorist attacks in Paris that claimed the lives of 129 people and injured 352 on Friday.

Support for victims began soon after the deadly attacks when Parisians started tweeting #PourteOuverte (French meaning for "open door") and opened their homes to strangers stranded in the streets. In the United States, residents began using the hashtag #StrandedInUS for French nationals who were unable to go home after the attacks.

French officials said on Saturday that the hostage situation at the Bataclan concert hall, the shooting at nearby restaurants and the suicide bombers outside the Stade de France soccer stadium were orchestrated by ISIS.

Organizations such as the French Red Cross and the French National Blood Bank have already began efforts to help victims in need.

Below provides a list on how you can help:

Airbnb canceled a convention in Paris and attendees began tweeting as the events unfolded. The company activated its disaster response service to link those looking for housing due to subway closures with volunteers willing to host for free in Paris. 

Donate or volunteer with the French Red Cross which deployed more than 350 volunteers the night of the attack to support victims—helping at psychosocial support centers, emergency car and aided Foreign Ministry call centers.

The French National Blood Service accepts blood, platelet and plasma donations for transfusions in France. The EFS has offices in France and territories outside of the European Union.

Secours Catholique-Caritas France provides housing services, emergency assistance, and help to migrants and refugees in France.

French Secours Populaire helps victims of natural disasters, conflicts worldwide and those living in poverty.  The Catholic charity tweeted a message saying that in the face of the barbaric and hateful events, it will increase its efforts in regards to acts of kindness, love for humanity, and solidarity.

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