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Invitingly Invasive: Anna's Delicious Recipes for Green Crab Stock & Cioppino

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Have you ever heard of green crabs? They are one of the biggest invasive species of the sea and have little to no predators — until now!

That's because the culinary world has started using them in their five-star seafood dishes to help take them out of our waters.

Anna tells us a little bit about how they're making their way onto her table and shows us how she uses them as the perfect Green Crab stock base, in her risotto dish and her Italian fish stew Cioppino.

In this episode of The Chef's Pantry, Anna Rossi shares her favorite risotto recipe. Then she meets up with award-winning chef Douglass Williams of MIDA. He delves into his take on food and the important work of All Inclusive Boston.
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