Popular North Shore Beach Disappearing Due to Coastal Erosion

A popular beach on the North Shore of Massachusetts is quickly disappearing due to coastal erosion.

Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea is about half the size it was last summer, the result of erosion from a series of strong storms that battered the area earlier this year.

The narrower beach leaves less room for beachgoers, especially during high tide.

"We’re down to about 20 to 25 feet of beach," said beach manager Doug Musco.

He said there are two options to repair the damage: dredging and hauling in sand with a truck. But he said both are cost prohibitive.

"It’s sad," said Abigail Snyder, a lifelong Manchester-by-the-Sea resident. "There’s no beach left."

But Musco said beachgoers remain optimistic.

"We’re listening to the old-timers, the salty North Shore folks, who are saying, 'Give it time and it'll come back.'"

Musco said he expects large crowds over the weekend and throughout the Fourth of July holiday.

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