WATCH: Olympic Weightlifting Highs and Lows

Weightlifters provide plenty of excitement at the Olympics, and it’s not just because of the massive amount of weight that these incredible athletes can raise above their heads.

It’s also because they get really pumped up when they put up the most weight of their lives on the world’s biggest stage.

Take Lithuania's Aurimas Didzbalis, for example. He celebrated Lithuania's first weightlifting medal -- a bronze -- with a backflip.

Finnish weightlifter Milko Olavi Tokola was so pumped after one of his lifts that he literally fell off the platform while celebrating.

Watch it here:

Weightlifting also provides an element of shock and horror on occasion when a weightlifter’s body snaps under the pressure.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan, who suffered a gruesome arm injury while attempting a 195kg clean and jerk.

You can watch the moment here (warning: graphic content):

But when things go right, and medals are won, there is plenty to celebrate. The adrenaline rush they feel when they complete a successful lift leads to some euphoric moments.

Check out some of the best from the men’s 56kg weight class in Rio:

And last but not least, Colombia's Oscar Figueroa won Olympic gold in Rio, and then decided to retire on the spot. He ended his career in perhaps the best way possible.

Watch the emotional end here:

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