New England

Passing Cold Front Brings Spell of Rain

Though a spell of rain is moving from west to east across Northern New England associated with a passing cold front today, Southern New England stays mostly dry until the front actually arrives during the late afternoon and early evening.

Ahead of the cold front, the southern half of New England is enveloped in mild air, with high temperatures around 70 degrees and a gusty southwest wind reaching 30 mph at times as limited sun breaks through clouds. You’ll know the cold front moves through early this evening as building clouds with scattered, quick showers move through and the wind shifts to start blowing from the northwest.

The new wind will carry new air into New England overnight tonight, dropping low temperatures into the 30s for many as skies clear, leading to a crisp fall day Saturday with high temperatures not exceeding the lower to middle 50s.

Sunday won’t be much warmer, but for a very different reason — clouds and scattered showers will hold down the temperature... and some of the showers may be mixed with snowflakes near the Canada border!

Warmth returns again for a one-day stint on Monday — highs near 70 like today ahead of a passing cold front that will trigger an afternoon shower or thunderstorm before swinging some cool fall air into New England for the second half of the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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