New Hampshire

Police Capture ‘Very Dangerous' Man in Connection With Violent Assault in Manchester, NH

Police said 26-year-old Drew Fortier has been taken into custody, charged with first and second degree assault

A police cruiser in Manchester, New Hampshire.
Manchester Police

Police in Manchester, New Hampshire, say they captured a man they have described as "very dangerous" in connection with a violent assault that occurred in the city early Thursday morning.

Drew Fortier, 26, was located by police Friday and taken into custody, according to a news release from the Manchester Police Department.

Manchester police said Fortier was wanted in connection with a violent incident early Thursday morning in the city's South End. He's now been charged with First Degree Assault and Second Degree Assault, both of which are felonies.

When police were searching for him Thursday, they said he is considered to be "very dangerous" and is believed to be suffering from mental health issues.

Fortier is being held on a preventative detention, police said.

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