Schools to Open Tuesday Following Nashua School Threats

"No threats or devices of any kind were found"

All Nashua, New Hampshire, public schools will be open Tuesday after local police and FBI officials determined a threat of violence emailed into the school Sunday is no longer credible.

"No threats or devices of any kind were found," Nashua Police Chief Andrew Lavoie said. "The Nashua Police Department and our law enforcement partners have been investigating this threat around the clock. Due to this investigation we can say with confidence that there is no current credible threat to any Nashua Public School."

The threat specified Nashua North High School and Nashua South High School, police had said.

Nashua Public Schools Superintendent Mark Conrad said he wholeheartedly believes he made the right decision canceling school Monday because it gave police time to thoroughly investigate what was a very specific, and therefore more concerning, threat.

"This way we could say every child is safe today and we could make up that instructional time through another day later in the year," Conrad said.

Most parents necn spoke to agreed with the superintendent's decision to cancel school Monday.

"I wish I was still naive enough to believe we could just drop our kids off and not worry about them but we do now and it's really scary," Nashua parent Michaelene Koskela said.

"To have something like this scare us so close to the holidays, it's just, you never know," parent Carol Powis said.

But some parents felt this could have been handled differently.

"I think in a lot of ways we are now catering to terrorism," said Nashua parent Steve Chimelski. "if it's a specific threat to a specific school why not post police officers for that day."

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