Significant Heat Across New England Staying for Now

Here in the waning days of August, mid-summer heat is making a comeback.

Heat of this nature certainly isn’t unprecedented this late in the summer season. In fact, today’s record high in Boston is 100 degree! But with schools getting back in session, we’ve received word of early dismissals in communities without air conditioning in classrooms.

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Tuesday and Wednesday will only bring increased heat and humidity, as high temperatures reach well into the 90s and heat index values exceed 100 degrees for much of New England.

Remarkably, save for some showers or thunder very near to the Canadian border Tuesday morning and later Tuesday evening, there just won’t be enough clash with cooler air to touch off many if any thunderstorms until Wednesday afternoon in Northern New England and until Thursday in Southern New England.

Those mid-to-late week storms will develop along a cold front settling south out of Canada, which will deliver a totally new and fresh air to New England by Friday, with highs only in the 70s into the start of the Labor Day Weekend.

By Labor Day Monday into the middle of next week, temperatures will climb back into the 80s in our Early Warning Weather exclusive 10-day forecast.

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