Thunderstorms Move In After Mostly Sunny Monday

Morning clouds burning off for afternoon sun gets the week started on a pleasant note, with highs in the 70s for many and near 70 at the coast where a sea breeze kicks up from time to time.

To our south, a frontal boundary — a dividing line between different types of air — is holding more warmth and humidity at bay, but will waver northward on Tuesday, affording a run at 80 degrees for many of us.

Just as soon as the frontal boundary wavers north to open the door to a bit more warmth, that door will slam shut again as a disturbance aloft triggers afternoon showers and thunderstorms, sending the frontal boundary south again.

After locally heavy rainfall amounts and cloud-to-ground lightning Tuesday afternoon, the cooler air will move firmly into place Tuesday night and Wednesday, and with an onshore wind and more clouds than sun, our midweek will feature high temperatures held in the 50s east to 60s well away from the coast for a cool day.

A pleasant rebound to near 70 degrees seems likely Thursday before moisture pooling to our south, along with the same stubborn frontal boundary, marches north for an increased chance of showers later Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This doesn’t mean it’ll rain the entire time, but at least some periods of showers and even a period of rain will be possible.

The end of our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast shows highs in the 70s, running above our normal high in the mid-60s.

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