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Cops: Woman Overdoses on Synthetic Marijuana



    Cops: Woman Overdoses on Synthetic Marijuana
    NBC 6

    One week after a dozen Willimantic residents overdosed on synthetic marijuana, police are investigating yet another overdose, this time near a residence hall at Eastern Connecticut State University.

    Willimantic police said the latest case happened on Wednesday afternoon near Noble Hall on Valley Street. Although Noble Hall is an ECSU dormitory, the 22-year-old woman who overdosed is not a student, according to police.

    The description was of a woman running around the road "like she was an airplane," with her arms out. She was sweating profusely, removing clothing and acting irrationally, police said.

    She was taken to Windham Hospital for treatment. Police said they hope to interview the victim soon as part of their investigation.

    It comes a week after tainted synthetic marijuana sent about a dozen others to the hospital with simiar symptoms -- fevers as high as 106 degrees and blood pressures of up to 240. Many of the people who used the synthetic drug have exhibited psychotic behaviors, like running around scantily clad on city streets in Willimantic, police said.

    A total of six people have been arrested in connection with last week's overdoses and three of them will be in court on Thursday.

    Police said no charges have been filed in Wednesday's case.