• squirrels Dec 10, 2021

    Acorn-ucopia of Food Is Fattening Squirrels in New England

    Humans aren’t the only species packing on extra pounds during the pandemic. Some squirrels are letting themselves go, too. Many squirrels are eating well this fall in New England. But one portly squirrel is so big it earned the nickname, “Fatty McFatterson.” Most squirrels sprint or scoot. This one lumbers and waddles after supplementing nature’s bounty this fall by...

  • climate change Dec 21, 2021

    Yikes, Climate Change Is Even Making Cuffing Season More Stressful

    Tuesday is the winter solstice, the fancy term for the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. For those who live in the top half of the Earth, the days will get longer until the summer solstice in June, but we’re still looking at a few more 5 p.m. sunsets, black...

  • relationships Oct 28, 2021

    How To Spot Red Flags This Cuffing Season

    Cuffing season is almost here – if you want to think of it like a sport, we’re in tryouts right now and preseason starts Nov. 1. We called up life coach, relationships expert and TikToker Tori Gordon to hear more – and we played a quick game to gauge what to look out for in a relationship.

  • climate change Oct 27, 2021

    Climate Change Is Stalling the Process That Makes Leaves Change Color in the Fall

    Jalyn Henderson provided reporting for this story. As if extreme weather, a housing crisis and long gas station lines weren’t bad enough, climate change has started chipping away at one of the simple pleasures of this time of year: fall foliage. Warmer temperatures and the resulting threats to forests have impacted the process that makes leaves change color, leading...

  • fall Oct 26, 2021

    ‘Tis the Season for Fall Mimosas! Try This 3-ingredient Recipe

    Put a fall-flavored spin on the classic brunch cocktail and some simple snacks at your next autumnal gathering.

  • fall foliage Oct 25, 2021

    Climate Change is Hurting Fall Foliage — and the Negative Impact Goes Beyond Aesthetics

    Warmer temperatures later in the year and more green house gases are diluting the reds, yellows and oranges many of us are used to seeing in the fall, experts say. But the visual beauty isn’t all we’re losing. There’s a financial and environmental cost, too, NBCLX Storyteller Jalyn Henderson reports.

  • Weather Oct 15, 2021

    Forecast: It's About to Feel Like Fall in New England

    We’re pretty much done with the warm temperatures in the 70s we’ve been enjoying all week in New England. Starting Friday, we’ll be watching a drop in temperatures as clouds begin to build over New England, producing the chance for sprinkles and isolated pop-up showers. These cells are likely to remain weak and short-lived, producing light precipitation. We’ll see...

  • Fall weather Oct 8, 2021

    Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?

    What is the science behind the change? Meteorologist Pete Bouchard explains how fall reveals the real colors of leaves – red, orange and yellow — and why they’re masked in the summertime.

  • page turner Oct 8, 2021

    Page Turner: Mystery Books Perfect for Fall

    In this month’s page turner, we’re getting ready for a spooky time of year with some great mystery books recommended by local librarian Michelle Techler of Cary Memorial Library.

  • Weather Oct 8, 2021

    Another Warm Fall Day Before Potential Weekend Showers

    We’ll see a mostly clear sky overnight Thursday into Friday, with temperatures dropping into the 50s across southern New England, a few 40s across the interior, and mostly in the 40s across the northern New England. A few areas may see some fog develop, as well, especially across some of the valleys. Friday starts off sunny, but we’ll end...

  • Weather forecast Oct 7, 2021

    Picture Perfect Early Fall Weather Continues

    We couldn’t ask for a better forecast the next couple days! Much of New England will see lots of sunshine today with highs reaching the 70s courtesy of high pressure over the region. Overnight, we’ll see a mostly clear sky with temperatures dropping into the 50s across southern New England and the 40s across the North Country. A few...

  • Weather Oct 1, 2021

    Tranquil Weather Ahead of Showers

    Our mainly dry stretch of cool, early-fall weather continues on the first day of October as an area of high pressure heads into the region from the southwest. We’re expecting scattered clouds to develop during the day, with highs reaching into the 60s and a few locations touching 70 degrees. Another cool and tranquil night is on tap Friday as…

  • Meg Ryan fall Sep 30, 2021

    Forget Hot Girl Summer: It's All About ‘Meg Ryan Fall' on TikTok

    The “Meg Ryan fall” trend turns the actress’s iconic movie style into the fashion inspiration for the season ahead.

  • eat new england Sep 24, 2021

    Eat New England: Farm Stands Galore Along a Pastoral Stretch of North Shore Road

    When you see an alternative route to a U.S. highway (usually labeled “A”), chances are it’s going to be more scenic and interesting than what its faster-paced sibling has to offer. Take Route 6 on the Cape, for instance. Much of the road is basically designed to get drivers from one point to another as quickly as possible, while...

  • caffeine Sep 22, 2021

    How to Wake Up and Stay Alert Without Coffee

    Yes, it’s possible and there are important reasons why you may want to cut down on caffeine.

  • Weather Sep 23, 2021

    Hot, Humid, Rainy Start to Fall to Carry Through the Weekend

    Is it fall yet? It certainly is, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. New England is kicking off our first day of autumn with temperatures in the upper 70s, high humidity and scattered showers. And this will be lasting all the way through the weekend. We’ll continue to see clouds rolling over New England, producing light to moderate...

  • Weather Sep 22, 2021

    Fall Begins But Summer Air Returns

    Although a few showers will fall in New England on Wednesday, rain won’t be the feature of the day. Rather, showers will remain isolated to widely scattered, mostly developing in central, western and northern New England, and will tend to wane toward evening.  The showers are developing from south to north as a tangible change in air arrives, with increasing...

  • travel Sep 5, 2021

    Small New England Town Among Nation's Best for Fall Getaway, Magazine Says

    A small New England town was named among the nation’s top seven fall getaway destinations, per Travel and Leisure Magazine. Between the Taconic and Green Mountain Ranges, Manchester, Vermont, offers excellent hiking and leaf-peeping opportunities, the magazine wrote. Located in the southwestern part of the state, fall foliage reaches its peak around mid-October, per the Vermont Foliage Forecaster. There...

  • Labor Day Sep 4, 2021

    Labor Day Weekend Will Be Mostly Sunny, But With Some Chances for Showers

    Alert: pumpkin spice latte weather is incoming!   We’re getting a short taste of fall, with temperatures starting to drop into the 60s and our relative humidity remaining low as we end meteorological summer (unofficial summer). Looking at the calendar, you can still call it summer until Sept. 22.  The pick of the weekend? I would say it’s Saturday. It...

  • Massachusetts Aug 26, 2021

    Mass. Student Athletes Will Have to Wear Masks Indoors This Fall, MIAA Says

    Massachusetts student athletes and their coaches will be required to wear masks for indoor activities this fall, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association announced Thursday. The requirement doesn’t cover outdoor activity, where masks are optional for students and coaches. “Wishing all member schools a smooth start to the school year and a memorable fall sports season!” MIAA Executive Director Bob...

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